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Academic papers on Economic History

The Power of Medieval European Guilds
(5 pp.) After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe retained a sense of chaotic movement. The old structure of government and power had crumbled away, and no singular system was yet organized enough to replace it. A beginning of that...
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This 5 page report discusses the concepts presented in Alice Kessler-Harris
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European Union: Relative Positions of Ireland and Great Britain
A 10 page paper discussing the EU; historical economic differences between Ireland and Britain; and how those differences have influenced current positions. The single market still is a long way from reality in Europe, but the very promise of...
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The Crash of 1929, the Great Depression and its Effect on the Presidency
A 5 page paper discussing how the wrenching events of 1929 and the beginning of the Great Depression ultimately affected the power of the presidency. The full effect of the crash and depression were not yet evident during Hoover's...
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The City Government of Miami, Florida
6 pages. This paper evaluates the city of Miami, Florida and its city government. Describes what type of city Miami is, and how it has been affected by demographic changes such as urbanization, suburbanization, deconcentration and regional...
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The Malaysian Economy
A 5 page paper discussing the view that over-dependence on Western markets can be blamed for Malaysia
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Post-Civil War U.S. and the Predictions of Karl Marx
This 6 page report discusses the theories of Karl Marx and their relationship to the evolution of big business in the United States and the altering of the economic reality of the nation after the Civil War and into the 20th century. Bibliography...
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This 5 page paper gives the specific details of the agreement between the Mexican and United States governments in the creation of the maquiladora systems. Examples and quotes. Book references as well as internet sources used. Specific to 1965....
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The Correlation Between the U.S. Economy and the Presidents as Based on an Extensive Web Search
This is an 8 page paper which discusses the useful web sites found and the relevancy to the issue of the correlation between the Presidents of the United States and the U.S. Economy. While many sites are good for historical and economic details,...
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Industrialization Development in China and the United States
A 9 page paper discussing the greatly different routes that industrialization has taken in China and in the United States, to the point that only now is it reaching into the more remote regions of China. There are a litany of cultural and...
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A 3 page paper identifying factors contributing to economic collapse in Argentina. After being one of South America
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Reasons for the Differences Between North and South America
This 3 page paper takes an economic look at these two continents. The theories of Stanley Engerman and Ken Sokoloff are discussed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Wartime Economics
A 6 page paper discussing the general positive effects that the outbreak of war typically brings, followed by a discussion of conditions in Iraq prior to the beginning of Iraqi Freedom. War typically elevates a sagging economy, and such was the...
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English Speaking Caribbean Countries in World Economy and Trade: Relative Impacts of the World Trade Organization
A 10 page overview of the problems English speaking Caribbean nations encounter in regard to functioning in the world economy. The author asserts that the WTO has had little positive effect on these countries. CARICOM, in contrast, offers these...
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How the Stock Market Crash of 1929 Changed Everything
This 6 page paper examines the 1929 crash and how regulation changed after that. The effect that the crash had on how people do business is examined as well as how things have manifested years after the crash. The 1987 crash is discussed as well. ...
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