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Academic papers on International Economics & Finance

The Impact of Culture on Doing Business.
(9pp) We claim left and right that we are a multi-cultural world. After all, we have the internet - we think we know how to use it. We tend to think that we are "savvy." At least we do until we go somewhere else, particularly to a...
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How Leadership Differs Among Cultures.
(9pp) Leadership differs within cultures. Where once it was interesting to learn of the difference, that we labeled management style, in the global business economy it is now a necessity to learn and understand these leadership methods. ...
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Iranian Economy
11 pages in length. The Iranian economy has gone through many volatile stages after the Islamic Revolution. Many things have served to impact the economy in Iran including such things as the hostage crisis, the U. S. embargo, Iraq and the war...
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Japan's Economy
A 7 page paper discussing the 1990s history of Japan's economy, including internal conditions and external events that combined to largely disable the economy in the final years of the 20th century. Much of the economy has recovered since the...
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International Politics in Relationship to Economic Power and Military Power
(7 pp) Economics used to be something that your big brother studied in school, and did not want to talk about, so you knew it must be really disgusting or really difficult. With the advent of globalization, and the re-thinking of...
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Stock Exchange Activity: Greece, Great Britain and the United States
This 7 page paper examines each of these markets, which represent greatly different numbers of companies and total value. Each also exhibits similar activity tracks. They have risen and fallen together, and lately to much the same relative...
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Intellectual Property Rights in the 21st Century
Intellectual Property Rights in the 21st Century: This 12-page analytical essay defines and examines intellectual property rights. In addition, a detailed overview as to its ramifications in the new millenium is provided. Innovation, like liberty...
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An Overview of the UK Economy
An Overview of the UK Economy: This 8-page essay examines the economic conditions in the United Kingdom relevant to the past decade. In addition, experts
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International Monetary Fund's Structural Adjustment Policy
Marx recognized that in the endless search for profit, capitalists drive down the cost of labor, thus creating systematic poverty and unemployment in the midst of plenty, and setting recurrent economic crises into motion. This 9 page paper...
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Lufthansa: Consequences of Poor Decisions
A 13 page paper discussing a Thunderbird case (A07-99-0028) describing events and conditions surrounding Lufthansa's 1985 decision to purchase 20 Boeing 737s to be delivered in 1986. Chairman Heinz Ruhnau made some exceedingly poor decisions...
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Doing Olympic Business in Russia
(5pp) "What a chance! Get the Olympic Games in Russia Television Rights, and you will be able to name the position of your choice in this company." Sounds like the golden ring of the media world, even if it is a fantasy. But once one...
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Reducing Economic and Exchange Exposure in International Trade
An 8 page paper discussing various measures that fictional AAA Corporation can take to reduce economic and exchange rate exposure in international trade. The consumer electronics company is based in Australia and will open subsidiaries in...
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Implications of Free Trade Decisions on Canada
This 10 page report discusses the economic, social, and political history of the various trade agreements and practices that have taken place between Canada and the United States in the past fifty years. Currently, the implications related to...
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Nokia Corporation -- A Case Study in Corporate Financial Issues
This 28 page report discusses on Finland
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Globalization And Modernization
The idea of globalization and modernization was born out of the capitalist market mentality in the age of technology. This 5 page paper examines the possible impact of globalization and modernization in countries such as India, Bangladesh and Nepal....
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