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Academic papers on Economic History

The Transatlantic Slave Trade and French Influence
A 10 page paper which examines how the French influenced the notorious transatlantic slave trade, and specifically considers the role of the French slave ship, the Diligent. Bibliography lists 8 sources. TGslavetr.rtf
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Tourism in New York City
This 6 page paper looks at the topic and pays particular attention to life after 911. A great deal of statistics are relayed and travel by both domestic and international visitors is discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Third World Debt Relief
A 20 page paper discussing poverty alleviation in developing nations. Developed nations have been lending to poor ones for years, with the intention of assisting them achieve economic growth. The purpose of the desired growth is to lift the people...
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Thomas Jefferson
On New Year's Day, 1802, President Thomas Jefferson penned a letter to the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut articulating his views on the relationship between church and state. This separation, his belief in majority rule, and in...
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History Of The Economy Of The Pacific Northwest
This 2.5 page paper reports some of the characteristics of the economy in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia since the 1930s. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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International Relations and Economics
A 5 page paper examining the role of the US in the future world economy. It appears inevitable that the US is in the closing stages of its economic leadership, but neither is there a single country poised to take the lead. There is a single...
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Nursing Education Bill
A 6 page examination of literature and discussion pertaining to the Nursing Education and Quality of Health Care Act of 2007 (S. 1604). The purpose of this legislation is primarily to increase the nation
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Monarchal Rule in Canada
This 6 page paper argues that changing the constitutional monarchy into a republic would be beneficial for Canada. Psychological, sociological, political and economic implications are explored. The Quebec question is addressed. Bibliography lists ...
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Annotated Bibliography clerical and Non-clerical Sex Offenders
This paper is an annotated bibliography listing 10 sources dealing with the differences between clerical and non-clerical sec offenders.
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Gold Economy/Johannesburg, South Africa
A 20 page research paper that describes in detail the role that the gold economy played in the founding, growth and urbanization of Johannesburg, South Africa. Bibliography lists 30 sources.
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