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Academic papers on International Economics & Finance

The Music Industry & Finance
Music, in this day and age, is a significant commodity that is in high demand. To meet the demand, the 'industry' is created and perpetuated to produce the commodity: music. This 5 page paper melds economic principles with finance theory in...
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International Relations And The European Union
Globalization has been recognized on many levels, one of which is the social and political cohesion of disparate countries through common economic and technological goals. The European Union (EU) is a case in point. This 12 page paper explores...
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A 5 page research paper that examines both sides of the ongoing debate about globalization. The writer profiles the stance of the "globalists" who see globalization as a new paradigm that is altering the world, and the writer also discusses the...
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Capital in Developing Economies
An 8 page paper discussing the contribution that capital can be expected to make in economic development and why it is necessary. Every activity requires capital funding, and initial economic activity contributes to growth of capital available for...
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In Favor of Freer Trade
A 10 page paper discussing the statement that the benefits from freer world trade, and specifically the North American Free Trade Agreement, have been poorly or unequally distributed. The paper highlights the benefits that Singapore has been able...
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Industrial Development Trends for the Middle East
18 pages. This paper gives a thorough look at the industrial development trends for the twenty-first century in the Middle East. In addition the analysis of potential main market sectors will help give an overall picture of the economic picture in...
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How Did Pearl Harbor Affect the Japanese?:
This 7 page paper discusses the impact of Pearl Harbor and how the Americans responded to this unprecidented event. Specifically, this paper discusses America's military response and how this affected Japan in terms of their military and economy. ...
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The Canadian Federal Government: Actions Toward Reducing Inflation and Unemployment
This is a 6 page paper discussing the inflation and unemployment rates in Canada over the past thirty years. Inflation reducing policies introduced by the federal government are discussed along with some suggestions for further reductions in...
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Neoliberalism Does Not Encourage Democratization:
This 5 page paper argues that neoliberalism is not beneficial to the democratic process. This paper discusses the Middle East and other examples of neoliberal economies which have not been successful. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Russia and It's Economy
7 pages. This is a thorough and detailed look at Russia's economy as well as their future economic outlook. This paper explains the internal economic factors such as Russia's economic growth, their inflation and fiscal situation. The external...
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The History of London as a Center for Trade and Finance
This is an 8 page paper discussing the developmental of London as an international center for trade and finance. Since the invasions of the Romans until the international commerce market which stands today, London has long been considered the center...
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Privatization of Hydro Electricity in Ontario
This is a 7 page paper discussing the recent deregulation and privatization of the Ontario hydro electricity market. Canada
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A Brief Overview of Trade Structures in the Americas and a Comparison of Economic Markets in the United States and Cuba
This is a 6 page paper discussing trade in the Americas in two sections. The first section is a brief overview of the trade structures in the Americas which existed mainly up until 1989. The five main regions which form the agreements of NAFTA,...
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The Role of Regional Organizations:
This 20 page paper discusses the role of regional organizations in relation to international organizations. Regional organizations are analyzed in terms of their supporting role of international organizations. Bibliography lists 16 sources.
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This paper discusses a joint venture between a U.S. and Chinese firm -- and the political and business climate in China that might impact the firms' ability to do business. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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