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Academic papers on Japan & Japanese Issues

Gucci; Marketing Success
This success or failure of a company is not only due to the products, it is also reliant on the marketing. This 20 page paper examines the well known company Gucci and the way the company has marketed its
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Health Care - Japan and United States
This 6 page paper compares different aspects of the health care system in these two countries. As such, it comments on a variety of issues and provides a great deal of statistical data. Examples include: infant mortality rates, life expectancy,...
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Logical Fallacies
A 4 page research paper that examines and discusses several types of fallacies. The term "fallacy" refers to errors in logical thinking that can be found in argumentative language (Haskins). This examination of this topic looks at three logical...
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Maya Angelou/Phenomenal Woman
A 4 page essay that offers an explication and analysis of this poem. Throughout the course of human history, men haven been primarily admired for their accomplishments, but the focus of admiration for women has been on whether or not their...
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Freud's Dream Interpretations as a Contribution to Psychology
This 5 page paper looks at Freudian psychology and dream interpretation both together and independently. The history of dream interpretation is discussed as well as Freud's contributions to psychology. The paper concludes that Sigmund Freud's...
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