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Academic papers on International Economics & Finance

This 3-page paper examines the pros and cons for a single global currency. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
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China as an Emerging Global Player within the World Economy
This 14 page paper looks at China as an emerging global player and considers how this has occurred by examining the changes that have taken place in terms of policies and changes which have impacted on international trade relationships. The paper...
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WTO on Protectionism of First Nations
This 3 page essay explores tariff-based protectionism and its effects on the global economy, making an argument in support of the WTOs support of the nations who dropped tariffs during the crisis. Bibliography lists 1 reference.
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Zimbabwe, the IMF, the WTO, and Liberalized Trade
This 4 page essay studies Zimbabwe and the influence of the WTO and the IMF on AIDS. This paper argues for increased liberalization of trade for Zimbabwe as a means of continuing to support AIDS and HIV prevention and treatment. Bibliography lists...
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Zimbabwe and Effects of IMF and WTO Regulations on AIDS/HIV Population
This 4 page argumentative discusses the role of the WTO and the IMF in both helping and hindering Zimbabwe's economic recovery, especially as it applies to AIDS. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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Flexsin, A Study in Outsourcing
This 4 page case study looks at the globalization of Flexsin. It first explores the company dynamic and change to outsourcing many of its professional resources and responsibilties. Next explored are risks associated with outsourcing, both inhouse...
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White Collar Crime: A Paradox in American Justice
This 12 page paper provides an overview of white-collar crime and its perceived seriousness in America. This paper relates the attitudes of the American public, law enforcement and the courts to white-collar crime and how its perceived seriousness...
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