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Economic Indicators in France

Abstract: A 5 page paper discussing economic conditions as reflected in economic indicators January-May 2000. Unemployment in France has not been below 10% since 1991, but 2000 continued steady declines to reach a level of 9.6%. More than 465,000 jobs were created in 1999, and forecasters expect the trend to continue in 2000 with the creation of an additional 200,000 jobs. The eurozone is recovering from its 1999 downturn as well, and is seen as being more certain for investment success than the US, where inflation worries have arisen and the Federal Reserve works to slow growth. Includes tables reflecting French unemployment and the consumer price index. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Filename: KSeconFr.wps

Pages: 5


Subcatagory: International Economics & Finance

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