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Java Arcade Games for your Entertainment

Save your quarters and your sanity with our Java Arcade. Play Java versions of your favourite classics arcade games like Black Jack, Break Out, Asteroids, Centiped, and more. Bookmark this page and come back whenever you need to procrastinate.

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Top Web Games

Mafia Returns - The single most complete and open-ended Mafia Based Progressive Role Playing game on the net! Destroy your enemies, strengthen your friends. Build or destroy dynasties with the click of a mouse. The power is truly in your hands.

The Ninja - RPG - An online ninja game. Learn the way of the Shinobi as you start as an aspiring Academy Student. Fight your way to the top to become the Kage: the single shadow that protects your village from any danger, or become your village's worst nightmare as a wandering Outlaw of pure darkness.

Medieval Europe - Medieval Europe is a free online role playing game set in the atmosphere of medieval ages, combining roleplay and strategical gaming in a community driven environment. You will commence your adventure as poor plebeian but you might become a general, a wealthy merchant or a ruler.

The Porn Star Wars - The Porn Star Wars is a game filled with violence, nudity, and adult material. You can buy sex slaves, pimp out sluts, kill your enemies, and meet new people, in the porn star world, anything goes. This game is guaranteed to be the most original and most exciting FREE online adult only RPG.

Java Games

Our list of retro and classic arcade games has been retired. Stay tuned for more new and interesting content.


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