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Academic papers on Business Ethics

Values, Mission And Social Responsibility
This 6 page tutorial essay explores the issues of ethical decision making. It begins by giving instructions on how to recognize one's own values, provides instruction and examples on creating a mission statement and looks at decision making...
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Moral Issues in Business
A 10 page research that uses case studies of corporate conduct offered by Shaw and Barry, Moral Issues in Business. The writer analyzes the moral and ethical premises on which the corporations were acting. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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Accountability and Business Regulation in the UK
This 5 page report discusses the relationship between accountability and business regulation in the United Kingdom. In short, regulations exist (ostensibly) to assure that organizations do the ethical and legal thing in their dealings with...
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Ethical Issues in the Business of Private Prisons
( 10 pp) Whether it is a class assignment, or an event in the outside world, determining what and how to deal with any ethical situation is difficult. First because we question our own perception of the event - did I really just see that? ...
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History and Development of International Communication
(5 pp) The history of international communication is as varied as the development of the nations themselves. The speed of development of all communications is linked to the economic progress of that nation. Where once the stories or the ...
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This 7 page report discusses
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Styles of Syllogistic Decision-Making and Elements of a Moral Argument
This 6 page report discusses issues associated with moral and syllogistic decision making based on specific resources. The premise of the report is that it is valuable to understand what constitutes the most basic principles of decision making...
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Advertising Ethics
Advertising has become such an integral component of modern life that many people no longer bother to consider either the content or the meaning behind the call for consumerism. This 8 page paper explores the philosophies of Immanuel Kant and...
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Legalize Casino Gambling in Florida
An 8-page paper detailing the arguments for and against casino gambling in Florida. Included are concerns about increased crime, the toll taken on smaller businesses and the existence of several forms of gambling already in the state. Lists 6...
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This 5 page paper outlines an ethical dilemma in the workplace. Specific procedures are given in which a person may try to resolve any problems. One case study involved(fictional), which include examples of each procedure. Bibliography lists 4...
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Age Discrimination in the Work Place
9 pages. Age discrimination is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace whether we want to believe that or not. Many companies now have been known to 'lay off' their older employees, only to later re-hire younger employees to fill the same...
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Business Ethics / Philanthropy And Stakeholder Responsibility
This 5 page paper discuses the business of business and specifically, addresses the ethical question of using assets in philanthropic ways. Adam Smith's invisible hand theory is explained, a theory Smith himself did not believe in. Milton...
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A 5 page discussion of media bias as it relates to the relationship which exists between journalists and relief agencies. These agencies not only act in the relief effort itself, they also provide considerable assistance to reporters. At the same...
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Advertising and the Tobacco Industry
9 pages. Tobacco companies have been using advertisements to influence people to purchase their products despite many of the rulings against this. The tobacco industry uses many subtleties in their advertising that are seemingly innocent but are in...
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Employment Opportunities in Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance
A 5 page overview of the numerous factors which affect employment in the aviation industry, particularly in airframe and powerplant mechanics. The author of this paper emphasizes that while one might only be concerned about jobs in a...
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