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Academic papers on Miscellaneous Economic Issues

Forecasting the Financial Future for Nike
This 7 page report discusses the number one shoe company in the world, Nike. Despite several difficult years 1997-1999, Nike appears to:
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Economic Contributions of Sumer.
(3 pp). After 1900 BC, when the Amorites conquered all of Mesopotamia, the Sumerians lost their separate identity, but they bequeathed their culture to their Semitic successors, and they left the world a number of technological and...
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Puerto Ricans in New York City.
(5 pp) The salsa is hot and the music is great, but are things really improving that much under the glitz of the Big Apple? Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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Campaign Finance Reform
(5pp). In 1974 Congress passed a set of laws that changed the amount of money which could be donated to an individual campaign. Contributions to candidates are now limited to $1,000, per contributor, that's called" hard money." But of ...
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Overdetermination And The Marxist Concept Of Class
The concept of overdetermination emanates from such diverse theories as Descartes' dualistic approach and Marx's thoughts on the division of labor. This 7 page paper explores the theory of overdetermination and argues that class, according to...
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Challenges for Capone's Bar
(10 pp). From what we have learned about your organization it is now alive and doing well. Your concern at present is how to keep it that way, which is indeed understandable concerning your history of dealing with acceptance in the...
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The Telephone: Time Travelin'
(12 pp). You can find just about anything on the internet - including the Cyber Telephone Museum. That will be our first stop on our journey of telephone "time traveling." The history of the telephone is global and varied. So on this ...
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The Economic Reality Of Poverty In Miami
The City of Miami has been marked by an unprecedented cycle of natural disasters, social dislocation, massive immigration and political, economic and institutional instability. This 7 page paper explores the reason for and the effect of poverty...
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Economics and Intellectual Property
A 6 page paper discussing the relationship between intellectual property rights and economic prosperity. MIT's Lester Thurow has written that it will be intellectual property on which tomorrow's economy will be based, and it appears that his...
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Angel Crest Manor: A Call for the Return to the Basics of Long-Term Living Assistance
A 5 page discussion of the problems being experienced by this long-term care facility for the elderly. Originally based on the provision of the needs of a low-income community, this facility has strayed from its original mission to emphasize...
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Collective Bargaining in The Nursing Profession.
(5pp) The history of the organization of unions has been some of the bloodiest in the United States. We might say that was the beginning of the organizational method of unions. Mediation has come a long way since then, but seem to now...
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Americans Practice an Urban Way of Life
(5 pp) Tables can present a lot of information in a small amount of space. From the tables (numbers four and five 1974 - 1994) passed out in class, we can learn a lot about the urban life style of Americans.
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Piers Blaikie
This 5 page report discusses Blaikie
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Human Service Organizations
(5 pp) What was once seen in the light of the Biblical admonition, 'the poor are always with us,' the human service organization is beginning to look at some vital retooling in the new century. This discussion will examine some of the...
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So You Think You Wanna Buy A House in Europe?
(5 pp) Most of us have experienced times where someone will say, there is good news and there is bad news. Then they will usually ask you which you want to hear the first. I usually pick the bad news, so that I am ending on a relatively...
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