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Academic papers on Modern Russia / Former Soviet

Trends in Economic and Political Philosophy
This 6 page paper explores three trends in economic and political thought which includes the free market economy, democracy and individualism. The countries of Russia, Britain, France and China are the focus of the discussion. Bibliography lists 10...
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Conversation Between Lenin and Hitler
A 6 page essay that has as its premise what Lenin and Hitler might have said to each other in a conversation. The writer uses this form to discuss main points of their ideology, basing their remarks on Lenin's book, State and Revolution, and...
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The State of Russian Democracy
A 9 page discussion of Russia
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Arthur Koestler's 'Darkness at Noon'
A six page paper looking at Arthur Koestler's novel set during the period of Russia's Great Terror in the late 1930s. The paper shows that the most long-lasting legacy of Stalin's purges was the loss of the idealism that characterized early...
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Joseph Stalin: The Industrialization of Russia
A 6 page overview of the economic revitalization enacted in Russia in the late 1930s by Joseph Stalin. Describes the accomplishments but emphasizes the costs which were incurred as a result of Stalin's ruthlessness. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ...
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Democracies are Not Always Clones
This nine-page-paper presents an in-depth discussion on the differences in two different democratic systems. using England and Czech Republic as examples it explains the nations age differences. Bibliography lists seven sources.
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Women In Russia Since Perestroika
A 10 page paper. The question that is explored is: What has happened to the condition of women in Russia since Gorbachev's reforms and what factors have contributed to these changes. The writer begins by offering an outline of statistics about...
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Karl Marx and Change
( 5 pp) "The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it." Does that sound like a bad idea to you? Life is about change, we are told so therefore that quote would seem to be a very...
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Geography and The last of the Romanovs: Nicholas II
(7 pp) The geography of both Russia, Siberia and Manchuria, with overlays of Japan and China played a role in the decisions of the last Czar of Russia. But at home he was faced with civil revolt, as the serf system, that had managed the...
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Koestler's Darkness At Noon
Authur Koestler's book, Darkness At Noon, provides a view of a specific time and incident in history that has been interpreted by someone who was decidedly opposed to the political leadership that brought the event to fruition. This 7 page...
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Sergei Eisenstein
This 5 page report discusses the 1925 classic movie
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Animal Farm as a Satire on the Russian Revolution
6 pages. George Orwell's well-known classic Animal Farm is known to many to be an obvious satire of the Russian Revolution. This paper compares the book to that event to examine how Orwell created a fable about animals to get his political views...
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Breaking With Moscow
5 1/2 pages in length. Reviews the book "Breaking With Moscow" by Arkady Shevchenko. Discusses the international relations in regard to Shevchenko's defect to the United States. At age forty-seven Arkady Shevchenko was a twenty-two year veteran...
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Russia's Role in the Disposal of Nuclear Energy Waste
This is a 10 page paper which discusses the role that Russia may play in the disposal of nuclear energy waste and what the future may bring. The bibliography has 7 sources.
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The Russian Revolution
This is a 20 page paper which discusses and examines the immediate causes and the effects of the Russian Revolution. The bibliography has 5 sources.
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