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Academic papers on Africa

Rwanda / The Wrong Color For The World's Morality
A 5 page essay in which the writer explores the reasons for the international community's lack of moral backbone during the Rwandan massacres in 1994. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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The Rwandan Civil War
A 5 page overview of the conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes of Rwanda which culminated in a bloody civil war in 1994 in which the Hutu majority tried to exterminate the Tutsi minority. The writer gives the historical background which led up...
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Is Uganda A Democracy?
10 pages in length. Democracy is a political way of life that involves each and every person in all phases of decision-making and rule. Indeed, it is a most desired manner by which to run a country; however, democratic rule is not easy to come by....
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Sierra Leone / Exemplary Of The 'Third World'
An 8 page research paper on this tiny African country located in the 'bulge' of Africa. The writer discusses the country's history, ethnic, and economic background as well as the recent political unrest which has plagued the country. Bibliography...
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Zaire, Past & Present
A 7 page paper discussing an overview of Zaire, its history and social background and recent political developments. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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Problems in African Countries
Approximately 8 pages worth of notes & overview of socio-political problems in various African countries including : Zaire, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan... Bibliography lists 7+ sources.
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The Decolonization of Algeria
This 5 page paper describes Algeria's history and its eventual independence. The current state of the nation is noted but the focus of the paper concerns the ultimate success of the Fifth Republic and why the Fourth Republic was unable to resolve...
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This 15 page report discusses the north Africa nation of Tunisia. Situated between Algeria and Libya, Tunisia is a surprising combination of social progressiveness, economic stability, and traditional culture. Once the location of one of the...
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The Political Success And Fall Of Kwame Nkrumah
An 11 page paper that discusses three aspects of Nkrumah's politics. These are: inspiration for political theories, his rise to power, and his fall. The paper addresses Nkrumah's philosophies and affiliations generally, his communistic affiliations,...
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The Algerian Revolution
A 6 page overview of the Algerian Revolution. The writer concentrates on the role of the various Algerian factions and the French government in the events leading up the revolution. Bibliography lists eight sources.
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Ghana & The Effects Of Decolonization
A 10 page analysis of the historical colonization of Ghana, the effects of decolonization affecting the nation today, and how that history should and should not be applied to decolonization practices as proposed by modern-day philosophers. The paper...
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Mali's Economic & Political Systems / Then & Now
A 14 page report that traces the origins of the Mali Empire from inception to the modern African republic. The decline of a wealthy, prosperous state to one that is riddled with poverty and hardship is discussed in terms of governmental structures...
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Solving the Problems of a Third World Country / Mali
An insightful 6 page report in which the writer attempts to act as a Malian leader and solve various socio-political problems in Mali. All answers are well-though and based upon documented research. Included in the discussion are : desertification,...
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The Development of Morocco
A 10 page paper discussing the North Africa nation of Morocco and its program of development. The writer illustrates how Morocco is a model of a successful third world nation embarking on a partnership with the United States in behalf of its own...
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African Tribal Culture / Rites Of Passage
This 12 page paper focuses upon a number of African rites of passage as they pertains to young men. The Bushmen, Toma, Gisu, Makonde and Masai tribes are among those highlighted. Bibliography lists 17 sources.
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