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Bordens & Abbott/ Research Design and Methods
A 6 page analysis of the book Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach by Kenneth S. Bordens and Bruce B. Abbott. The writer surveys the text and argues that it is an ideal introductory textbook on this subject. No additional sources cited.
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Lowering the Drinking Age
A 7 page paper that favorably debates the issue of lowering the drinking age. The paper shows why it would be in the government's best interest to let states decide their own policies on drinking ages, and why states should lower drinking ages to...
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Should Drunk Drivers Be Charged With Murder?
This 15 page paper takes the position that those who kill while driving drunk should be charged with murder. Many solutions to the drunk driving challenge have been explored including raising taxes on liquor, police efforts, raising the drinking...
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In 8 pages, the author discusses DWI/DUI. The terms DWI and DUI are often used interchangeably. DWI actually is an acronym for Driving While Intoxicated or Driving While Impaired., and DUI is an acronym for Driving while Under the Influence of...
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Driving Age Should Be Raised In Florida
10 pages in length. The author argues that the legal driving age should be raised in Florida. It is posited that America is a country where car crashes kill more than 5,000 15 to 20 year olds than any other cause. Bibliography lists 16 sources.
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Excessive Driving Speeds Cause Deaths
6 pages in length. The issue to be dealt with in this paper is one addressing the fact that excessive driving speeds cause a substantially higher number of deaths than those caused at slower, more prudent speeds. Promoting road safety is the...
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Health Care / For All
A 5 page essay in which the writer argues that all U.S. citizens are entitled to funded health care, precisely because of the discrepancy in wages and the expectation of retired persons that Medicare/Medicaid would be there for their retirement....
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An Argument To Raise N.J.'s Speed Limit to 65 M.P.H.
New Jersey is one of few states in the U.S. that still enforces a maximum speed limit of 55 miles per hour. This 2 page essay first looks at some of the reasons why NJ lawmakers are reluctant to change and then provides an argument for them to...
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Chef's Tables and Controversy in Chicago
3 pages plus an outline. An argumentative essay on why the Chicago Board of Health's proposed 1995 regulation regarding restrictions to be imposed upon 'Chef's Tables' in restaurants like Trotter's,-- was unnecessary and wrong. Bibliography lists 5...
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To Clone or Not to Clone ? A Look at Biotechnology
This 5 page report briefly examines some of the controversies raised on the subject of cloning. The body of evidence reported and the practical application of scientific products supports the value of biotechnology, including cloning. Among the...
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The Ethical Downside of Cloning
A 10 page research paper on the negative aspects of human cloning. The writer details the eugenics movement and how it was used in the past by the Nazis and how it relates to current debates on human cloning. In addition, the paper shows the various...
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A 6 page paper discussing the idea of eugenics and its development in politics as related to Oliver Wendall Holmes, who was known as a social darwinist, and the Supreme Court case, Buck vs. Bell, which took place in 1927. This case made it legal to...
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An 8 page paper that argues in favor of cloning. The primary argument revolves around the fact that through cloning we can help improve the health of people in this country, through cloning transplant organs and various body parts such as ears and...
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Ethics of Genetic Engineering Through The Eyes of Aristotle
Aristotle believed that an absolute moral standard was not possible because morality is determined by behavior and outcome and these are governed by the individual and the choices made by that the highest form of community behavior being for the...
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Pros and Cons of Cloning Analyzed
This 5 page research paper argues the pros and cons of cloning, with a conclusion in favor of cloning. Specifically considered are the stands for and against to formulate a proper solution. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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