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Academic papers on Environmental Issues & Ecology

The Impact Of The Environment On Highway Construction
This 12 page paper provides an investigation of the different environmental factors that impact the decision making process for highway construction. This paper considers the impacts of environment on the physical, structural, financial, economic...
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Restoration of Ecology
A 7 page paper discussing techniques for restoring damaged ecological systems after disaster. Bibliography lists 11 sources.
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The World Scientists' Warning To Humanity And Its Relation To Soils
A 5 page overview of the implications of the 'World Scientists' Warning to Humanity' to soils. Recounts the havoc agriculture and modern and historic subsistence practices have dealt on the world's soils. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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The Clean Air Act & The Chemical Products Industry
A 15 page paper. In an effort to be responsible corporate citizens and to remain one step ahead of forced regulation such as that overseen by the Environmental fcy (EPA), the chemical products industry and chemical manufacturers trade associations...
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Hazardous Waste / The Problem & Its Potential Solutions
A 10 page overview of the problem of hazardous waste and current methodologies for treatment. Emphasizes bioremediation of contamination using bacteria and safe disposal of nuclear wastes. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Environmental Sustainability: The Need for Change
A 5 page discussion of what would be required for a sustainable environment. Emphasizes our dependence on petroleum products and the need for a change in this dependence. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Beach Erosion
4 pages on Beach Erosion; its recent history, progression, costs etc;. Goes into detail about reasons for the erosive process. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Miami Beach / Land & Coastal Survey
5 pages in length. A thorough analysis of the Miami Beach area in which the writer attempts to evaluate dangers of coastal erosion and human influence in order to determine feasibility as a resort. Vegetation, humidity, definition of the barrier...
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Physical Geography and Socio-Environmental Responsibility
A 14 page research paper on this science of global environmental change. The writer defines physical geography, presents an historical overview of it, and attempts to explain reasons for physical geography's neglect of certain relevant social issues...
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Land Preservation
This 5 page essay addresses U.S. policy issues in respect to land preservation. Different types of programs and reasons for preservation are explored. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Fred Bodsworth's The Last of the Curlews / A Review
A 4 page review of Fred Bodsworth's 'The Last of the Curlews,' recently republished after its initial publication over 40 years ago. Tells the story of the extinction of a species and recounts mankind's many wrongs. No additional sources cited.
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Is Environmental Activism Effective ?
This 10 page paper gives an overview of the environmental activism movement and the issues it addresses. It also looks at the question of whether or not environmental activism is effective and in what ways. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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Environmental Education / The One Issue All Environmentalists Agree On
This 3 page essay discusses the fact that regardless of any individual environmental viewpoint or issue, the key to sound environmental awareness and action is education. No sources cited.
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The Quest For A Sustainable Future
12 pages in length. The writer discusses the environmental issue of a sustainable future. The history of the problem, the definition of sustainable development, the quest for a sustainable future, problems facing the environment, and the role of...
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Population Explosion of the 20th Century and its Effect on a Sustainable Future
In 5 pages the author discusses the population explosion and its effect on a sustainable future. The population explosion that has occurred in the 20th century is astounding. If the population continues to increase at the present rate as projected,...
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