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Academic papers on Miscellaneous Economic Issues

Dangers of Enforced Leisure
A 5 page position paper agreeing with the concepts presented in Steven Muller
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Internal Auditing Fraud
7 pages. Ethical decision-making goes hand in hand with sound business judgment, yet this is not a concept always followed. The very purpose behind ethical behavior has some people stumped as to its true intention; while some believe it instills...
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Shop the Mom-and-Pops!
A 7 page paper written as a speech urging local consumers to shop at small local businesses rather than automatically heading to Wal-Mart or another large chain. There is no question that the presence of Wal-Mart changes the local shopping choices...
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This 7-page paper provides an analysis of what can be done to boost revenues for the city of Wichita Falls. Topics discussed include property taxes and economic development as well as ways to cut costs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Labor Markets As Social Constructs
This 5 page paper discusses the premise that labor markets are influenced by social constructs. The paper begins with general comments about labor markets and the fact that they are influenced by both economic and non-economic forces. Social...
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The Effects of Shoplifting on Business Owners and the Economy:
This 5 page paper discusses the effects which shopping has on the business owne, consumer prices, and the general economy. Furthermore, this paper highlights the dramatic effect which shoplifting does have, thereby relating the enormity of the...
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One Market Under God By Thomas Frank
A 4 page paper that provides an overview of some of the major ideas promoted by Frank in this book. The disparity of income between CEOs and workers in the late 1990s is reported
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An Analysis of Food Supply Issues:
This 15 page paper analyzes "Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply", by Vandana Shiva. This paper examines one of Shiva's arguments in detail, as well as outlining the basic argument of the entire book in an effort to support the...
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Life as a Single Teen on Welfare:
This 4 page paper examines the "typical" life of a single teen on welfare. Specifically, this paper examines the hardships, struggles, and future outlook for single teens on welfare. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Analysis of Labor Unions in the United States:
This 13 page paper examines the role of labor unions in the United States, from the 1960's through today. This paper examines the works of noted authors such as Taylor Dark and Max Green in relation to their views on the current status of labor...
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European And American Cars In Japan
An 8 page paper. The question posed was how American and European car manufacturers penetrated the Japanese car market. This essay provides the data to demonstrate American and European auto manufacturers have not penetrated the Japanese car market....
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Is The High Skills Route Suitable For All Countries
A 17 page paper. It is generally accepted that global competitiveness is dependent upon the skills and knowledge of the workforce. Rapid changes in technology and in the marketplace means that companies need to have a workforce that is well skilled...
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Comparing Virtue as Evidenced in "Brave New World" and "Henry V":
This 7 page paper explores virtue as evidenced in the character of John the Savage from "Brave New World" and Henry V from Shakespeare's "Henry V". This paper asserts that John the Savage is the more virtuous of the two based upon his personal...
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Social Stratification:
This 7 page paper examines the notion of social stratification - what it means and how it is manifested in our society. This paper also provides explanations regarding the reasons for social stratification and what social stratification reveals...
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Good Communities
This essay discusses what makes up a good community. The main issues addressed are: education, health care, and community involvement. Community involvement is viewed from macro and micro views of local government, business, and private citizens...
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