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Academic papers on Human Resource Issues

How To Legally Block Unions
A 4 page paper. Many companies have successful blocked unions but if Congress passes certain bills, it will become more difficult for companies to legally block organization. This paper discusses tactics some companies are using and recommendations...
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Conflict Types And Resolution Models
A 16 page paper. The first step in learning how to resolve conflict is gaining knowledge about the types of conflict. After we have knowledge about the types of conflict, we need to gain knowledge about different modes of responding to conflict...
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Redesigning Jobs After A Merger
A 9 page paper. Two health care organizations have merged. The new organization reduced the number of employes. The administration wants to redesign jobs, including introducing universal workers. The paper explains what a universal worker is with...
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Employee Retention Strategies
A 3 page paper that emphasizes the shortage of nurses and other health care professionals. The paper reviews an article about employee retention and comments on what needs to happen to reduce the turnover of nurses. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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Impact Of Demographic Factors On Management
A 3 page paper. Two examples are discussed. A custom-made furniture company is facing changing demographics in their consumer base which requires the company to change how they operate. In the second, a multicultural team has severe communication...
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Foreign Bodies By Hwee Hwee Tan
A 3 page paper that discusses the characters and main themes of the entitled book. The writer also comments on how the ideas in the book relate to the Christian manager. No Bibliography.
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Human Resources in the Hotel Industry
This is a 9 page paper that provides an overview of how human resource management is important to the hotel industry. Hilton Hotels is looked at as an instructive example of improving HR practices and establishing a new corporate culture....
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