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Academic papers on Anthropology

The Latino Today
An 8 page paper discussing the Latino culture. The word Latino involves many different cultures such as Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican-American, Central/South American, and others. They have been a part of the history of the United States since its...
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Growing Up Bilingual
A 6 page analysis of this book by Ana Celia Zentella, which details the author's 14-year study of five bilingual girls growing up on a single block of New York's "El Barrio," the nation's longest settled Puerto Rican neighborhood. The writer gives...
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The Deaf & Hard Of Hearing As A Minority Group
An 8 page research paper exploring the deaf community. The writer argues the Deaf and Hard of Hearing should be considered a cultural minority group and offers evidence to support the premise. Different aspects of life for the Deaf are explored....
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Effects of Having a Deaf Sibling
A 15 page research paper that examines how having a sibling who has a disability affects the psychological and emotional development of normally developing siblings. The writer particularly focuses on how having a hearing impaired brother or sister...
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Oliver Sacks' 'Seeing Voices: A Journey Into The World Of The Deaf'
2 pages in length. The writer offers a brief overview of Oliver Sacks' book about how the deaf community has overcome inherent obstacles to finally be accepted as part of society. No additional sources cited.
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A Social History Of The Deaf
This 5 page paper provides an overview of deaf culture. The history of how the deaf have been educated in the U.S. is explored. The controversy over inclusion is discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Comparing Two Coins / Symbology Of Culture
A 5 page analysis of the symbolic content, similarities and differences, of a coin issued by Lysimachus and a U.S. Kennedy half dollar. No bibliography.
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Ice Cream / Cultural Symbol and Example of Good Business
A 6 page research paper in which the writer examines the phenomena of America's love for ice cream as well as some of the inner-working of companies such as Ben & Jerry's and the efforts that these mega-enterprises have made to ensure quality human...
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Homer's 'The Iliad' vs. Egyptian Burial Rituals
A 3 page comparison addressing the importance of body preservation and burial rites in the form of dressings, tombs and stones as it applies to the text and events in The Iliad. The paper particularly discusses the burial rites surrounding the...
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Funeral & Death Rituals In Nigeria, India, & China
This 6 page research paper examines rituals surrounding death and funeral rites in these three countries. Bibliography lists six sources.
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The Tlingit Treatment Of Death
A 5 page examination of the rituals associated with death in nineteenth century Tlingit culture. The Tlingit people lived along the coast of Southeast Alaska which extended from the Canadian boundary to Yakutat Bay. In this report, emphasis is...
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Native American Dress (With An Emphasis on Festive and Ceremonial Dress)
A 9 page overview of Native American clothing styles. Emphasizes festive and ceremonial dress. stresses that the term Native American is very widespread in terms of the cultural and thus artistic diversity it encompasses and that art and dress...
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Rites of Passage / Native Americans vs. Today's Americans
A 7 page paper exploring the rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. Three native cultures and their traditional rituals are compared (Okiek, Okrika, Tukuna) with one another and then with those of today's modern teenager in America....
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Native American Mortuary Practices & Their Association with Culture
A 30 page overview of the various mortuary practices and grave goods often associated with Native American burials and the ability to determine an individual's culture and the societal organization of those who participated in the burial based on...
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Graveyards/ Design & Practice From Past To Present
A 14 page review of the changes in cemetery design and burial practices from ancient times to the present. Concludes that numerous factors such as land use patterns, religion, and societal status influence these designs. Bibliography lists 10...
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