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Seymour Martin Lipset and John Kenneth Galbraith

Abstract: This 3 page report briefly discusses the philosophy and work of the social scientist Seymour Martin Lipset (1922- ) and the economist, writer, and political adviser, John Kenenth Galbraith (1908 - ). Lipset has offered numerous examples of the ways in which modern humanity, but especially in America, has embraced or denied various political and social ideologies. John Kenneth Galbraith was an economics professor at both Harvard and Princeton, served as a political adviser for American presidents and other leaders, worked as the editor of Fortune magazine and has written numerous books and articles regarding the American political and sociological process and the economy that sustains it. Both have made immeasurable contributions to understanding the American worldview and America itself. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Filename: BWlipset.wps

Pages: 3


Subcatagory: Miscellaneous Economic Issues

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