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Principles and Issues of Law Enforcement Management

Abstract: A 10 page outline of the challenges facing law enforcement managers. Police chiefs who are in charge of departments involved in community policing must consider everything from equal opportunity for their employees to the elimination of police corruption to the issues surrounding multiculturalism. Several cities offer examples of management strategies which have been employed to perpetuate the fair treatment of employees, the elimination of corruption, and the efficient policing of the community. Some strategies have had phenomenal success while others have fallen by the wayside of failure. The failures, however, can be just as illustrative as the successes in terms of guiding police chiefs in their own management strategies. Indeed, effective management policies can even be gleaned from a consideration of those policies that have failed. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Filename: PPlawMng.wps

Pages: 10


Subcatagory: Human Resource Issues

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