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Effective Cross-Functional Psychological Counseling Factors

Abstract: Nelson (2002) reports that practicing psychotherapists have moved toward an inclusive counseling model, one that takes advantage of multiple theoretical approaches to treating the spectrum of human psychological disorders in practice, or technical eclecticism, as coined by Lazarus & Beutler (1993). Relying on more than one practical approach allows greater flexibility in treating client. Under an eclectic approach, counseling modalities can be applied to simple problems while behavior interventions can be utilized for more complex problems. While this may be occurring in the practice, research on combined approaches has not yet caught up to the concept of technical eclecticism, opening the dialogue for researching combined approaches including behavioral, cognitive and more concrete factors such as genetic/medical factors. 16 References. jvPsyFtr.rtf

Filename: jvPsyFtr.rtf

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Subcatagory: Psychological Counseling

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