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Dell Computer's E-Commerce Strategy

Abstract: A 16 page paper discussing Dell's direct distribution business model. The fact that Apple's Steve Jobs keeps a picture of Michael Dell in his office with a bullseye painted on it can have no effect on Dell Computer aside from a good long chuckle, but Dell can count on increased direct sales competition as the market tightens further and other manufacturers envy Dell's great success. The company's alliance with IBM enables that competitor to share in Dell's success without damaging future growth and without causing IBM dealers to be angered or uneasy over possible lost sales for them. Gateway and Compaq have no such luxury, however, and will need to develop their own strategies for trying to keep pace with Dell's growth. The company is averaging $14 million in daily sales through its website an increase of $5 million daily in only a year. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Filename: KSdell.rtf

Pages: 16


Subcatagory: Miscellaneous Issues In Business

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